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With shipping services from over 300 ports, Shark Ship enables small and medium-sized businesses to expand. We streamline your end-to-end logistics, making it easy to launch and experiment in new international markets.

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We apply our skills and expertise to take care of documentation, regulations, and routing decisions for you.

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Trying to broaden your horizons? Our optimized solutions allow you to ship to over 300 ports in more than 150 countries.

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Shark Ship offers some of the fastest quotes, price comparisons, and booking processes around. Plus, when you work with us, you’ll enjoy flexible payment terms and improved visibility of shipments.

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We take pride in being a company our clients can rely on, which is why we provide 24/7 freight options for your convenience. 

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Over 90% of the world’s goods are carried by sea. That’s
around 11 billion tons! Cargo is packed into large containers,
which are then loaded onto vessels. It’s the cheapest but
slowest way of transporting goods internationally.

Shipments weighing over 100kg (or made up of multiple cartons) are usually moved by sea freight. Since it is designed and built specifically for intermodal freight transport, a freight container can be used across several transportation modes, from ship to rail to truck, without needing to unload and reload the cargo.

Building the Logistics of Tomorrow

Traditional freight services are still a headache. Even though freight costs are stabilizing and the average dwell time is down, ocean freight lead times are steadily increasing across the board.

To make matters worse, the legal jargon mentioned in bills of lading (BOL) can be unclear and confusing. Fortunately, our system changes that.

Shark Ship has arrived to simplify the business of ocean freight. Our platform applies the latest technology to make your life easier.

Whether you need pallet transport, full container load (FCL), or less-than-container load (LCL) shipping, we use the best and biggest ocean carriers to provide effective and efficient movement of your goods, and there is no minimum order.

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