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Customs clearance is a necessary procedure for checking goods that are transported into a country through an authorized customs broker. It’s a complex affair and can result in costly fines and delays if not managed correctly.

Today’s businesses face constantly evolving laws, tiresome documentation requirements, and ever-shifting tariffs. That’s why it pays off to engage with the services of a custom clearance services partner that can guide you through the


Shark Ship is at the front line of customs brokerage. We work closely with you to prepare and submit all the necessary information to ensure 100% compliance with US, EU, or other applicable customs rules and regulations.

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Accelerate Your Border Crossings

Shark Ship helps importers and exporters to move declarations through customs with documentation, real-time delivery tracking, and import compliance consulting.

Fast Customs Clearance

We use the latest technology to submit electronically to Customs. Gain a speed-to-market advantage.

Benefit from Real-Time Updates

We also provide standardizedreports on daily, weekly, and monthly shipments

Ensure Full Compliance

With US, EU, and other customs rules. We help you to avoid fines, interruptions, and delays.

Don’t Allow Customs to Slow Your Freight Down

Shark Ship has links to the major terminals, ports, and airports, and we also employ the latest technology for simple electronic transmission directly to Customs. This enables us to supervise much faster Customs Clearance of shipments on arrival at any destination.

Whether you’re shipping air, ocean, or ground, you don’t need to worry about service delays, interruptions, or penalties.

Shark Ship helps you manage the process, product classification (Harmonized Tariff Schedules), post-entries review, and much more. We are here to assist growing companies like yours in their mission to crack new markets. It's time for an upgrade.

Status Updates and Additional Options

The difference with our cutting-edge services is that we provide real-time, 24/7 clearance updates. That includes standardized reports on daily, weekly, and monthly shipments, and the entirety of your customs documentation – all easily accessible online from any device.

Shark Ship is more than a customs broker. Joining us gives you access to end-to-end support across a vast range of transportation logistics solutions, including:

Hazardous Materials Transport

Oversized Cargo

Residential Delivery
White Glove Delivery Options

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