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Dipping your toes into the world of freight and shipping can be intimidating when you’re just starting out. The sheer array of options is confusing. Even the more established names in the shipping business have failed to keep on top of the latest technologies.

At long last, Shark Ship’s cutting-edge system makes life easier for you. All you need to do is identify the appropriate transport mode for your cargo, and Shark Ship takes care of the rest.

It’s time to catapult shipping services into the digital era. After all, growing businesses need all the help they can get as they strive to connect to new markets.

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How It Works

We apply our skills and expertise to take care of documentation, regulations, and routing decisions for you.

1. Contact us

Contact us through the Shark Ship website form about your shipment. Give us more information about your circumstances and we will identify the right deal for you.

2. We send you a quote

We send you a quote from the best carrier. Remember, our service gives you access to 300 locations around the world. Pricing is transparent.

3. We add you to our dashboard

We add you to our dashboard when you give us the go-ahead to move forward with your shipment.

You can select optional services here, including customs clearance.

4. Track your shipment

Track your shipment from the dashboard. After the shipment process kicks off, you can keep an eye on your logistics from any location and from any device type!

What Our Customers Say


The Shark Ship interface is incredibly easy to use. For the first time, I can do everything from a single platform. It’s quicker and way more transparent than my old shipping firm.

A. Hutchinson
Los Angeles, CA

This is a shipping service that is bang up to date. We needed improved tracking and visibility of our orders, and the more traditional shipping companies can’t match this.

L. Fairhurst
Miami, FL

Shark Ship has made this process so smooth for me as a new seller. Being able to easily track my products through to final delivery and work with an experienced team has made all the difference.

J. Michaelson
Denver, CO

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