Making Shipping More Accessible

Founded and launched in 2021, Shark Ship is an end-to-end logistics service designed to level the playing field. We help startups and new entrepreneurs to compete with established multinationals, breaking down the barriers to international trade.

We achieve that partly by simplifying and connecting supply chains. Shark Ship is on a mission to catapult shipping services into the digital era. After all, growing businesses need all the help they can get as they strive to connect to new markets.

Shark Ship Keeps the World Turning

Shark Ship was conceived following a conversation with long-time customers of the shipping industry about their most frequently experienced pain points. A lack of visibility and poor tracking features came up constantly as a source of frustration.

We set about addressing these issues for good. We know that future trends in logistics have real implications for the future of your business. With the right strategy, you are certain to thrive – but one wrong move can leave you behind, and soon, you will be struggling.

From Hong Kong and Shanghai, we provide cutting-edge logistics management solutions that lower costs and boost efficiencies across your supply chain. As well as customized consolidation, we offer last-mile handling and distribution of time-sensitive goods.

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